Car Raffle Ontario 2019

2019 Corvette Lottery - Only 2,500 Tickets Available!

Car Raffles in Ontario 2019

Car Raffle in Ontario 2019

Congratulation! You have come to the right place, as we think our car raffle is one of the best out there in the Province of Ontario for 2019.

When it is about 2019 Ontario car raffles, we are talking about three major things that are important to you, the potential buyer of a charity lottery ticket. So what does our Corvette car draw have to offer that is different from most other classic car draws in Ontario?

Excellent odds in this car lottery of 1 in 2,500

Let’s face it: Many car raffles in Ontario sell tens of thousands of tickets. Really, how great are the odds of winning in such a car lottery? Our Ontario Car Raffle is refreshingly different: We only sell 2,500 tickets at $100 each. That’s it. It is very simple and straight forward. Someone will take this beautiful Corvette home, like in all the other years before.

Reputation of the Organization that is putting on the Ontario Car Lottery

The Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach, which is the organization behind this car lottery, is part of Rotary International. As a service club we are made up of local business and community leaders. Everything of what we do is done by volunteers. As such, we have been putting on this Ontario car raffle every year for the last twenty years. Think of literally hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been paid out to Ontario charities over all the years we have been doing this. Now, is this not something that is deserving of your support?

The charities and causes supported by car raffles in Ontario 2019

Everyone participating in a charity car lottery in Ontario wants to see their money go to worthy causes. Our 2019 car raffle in Ontario is licensed by the AGCO, licence number 10890. The AGCO has approved the list of charities in Ontario that are supported by our car lottery. Isn’t this great? The money stays in the Province of Ontario and there is no administrative overhead to feed.

Since you are looking for car raffles in Ontario 2019 to participate in and to support the good cause, can we interest you to buy one of our car lottery tickets?

Learn more about this 2019 Ontario Car Raffle

We know that you are really looking forward to having a sneak peak at our beautiful Corvette Stingray, the vehicle our car raffle in Ontario 2019 is all about: Just watch Rotarian Steve on his walk-around of this year’s car.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to win this Corvette! Only 2,500 tickets available. All proceeds go to local charities.

The Rotary Corvette at the Elvis Festival in Collingwood

Thank you very much to everyone who supported our 2019 Corvette Lottery and made it a great success. Please sign up for our mailing list below to get notified of next year's 2020 Corvette Lottery for Charity draw. We will let you know as soon as things take shape.

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Prize vehicle may not be exactly as shown

AGCO lottery licence #10890

About Us

The Corvette Lottery for Charity is a fundraising project of:

Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach
P.O. Box 434
Wasaga Beach, ON
L9Z 1A4


Corvette Lottery Committee Chairmen:
Dr. Peter Wilson (Co-Chair)
Todd Young (Co-Chair)
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