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23rd Annual Corvette Lottery - Win a 2023 Corvette Stingray 2LT Coupe

Corvette Lottery: Please Support Us!

Five Good Reasons to support this Lottery?

The Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach’s 2023 Corvette Lottery supports 24 charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. All are active in the Province of Ontario, in Simcoe County.

Your contribution to our Ontario Charity Lottery stays in safe hands

Operated by the Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach and licensed by the AGCO, your money is in good hands. We have been putting on the Corvette Lottery for the 23rd consecutive year now. We can safely say that we know what we do, and that each and every year we see many happy faces when we hand out the cheques to the selected charities.

2. Your money really arrives at the supported charities

The Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach, the operator of this corvette lottery in Ontario, is a small local service club run by a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers. The club members do not get paid. Aside from necessary expenses such as the purchase of the car, advertising, licensing fees, etc), all proceeds go to twenty-four predetermined charities. This means, your ticket purchase gets a lot of bang for the buck, not only because of the great odds but also because of the good your money will do.

3. Your money stays where you live

Our charity lottery is licensed by the AGCO. This means that the government of Ontario has a watchful eye on what happens to your money when you buy a ticket to support the Corvette Lottery. One of the mandates by the AGCO is that the money is spent to a list of pre-approved charitable organizations of excellent reputation. You want to see your money go to where you live, and that is the Province of Ontario. Among other charities, we support local and regional hospitals, because that is where the citizens have to go to when they get sick. And it can happen to all of us. So let us raise funds to benefit the organizations that are necessary in our communities.

4. Your contribution is meaningful

We know that purchasing a charity lottery ticket during these difficult and challenging times is not easy, but in return, we strive to give a lot. The main prize, the 2023 mid-engine Corvette Stingray, is of excellent value, and even if you don’t win, you know that your contribution is meaningful. For that we are very grateful.

5. Our charity lottery creates a great win-win situation

Our charity lottery offers each participant a fantastic opportunity, and one of the ticket purchasers will take the Corvette home. The chance of winning a Corvette “Supercar” is just very attractive. Over the past 22 years, we put 22 people into a Corvette, and this year, the 23rd person will follow suit. And then, everybody who didn’t win knows that their contribution is going to a very worthy cause. This makes it really easy to buy some tickets for the Corvette Lottery.

Corvette Lottery Cheque Presentations (Previous Years)

Corvette Win Me - Car Lottery

"Don't miss out on your opportunity to win this beautiful mid-engine 2023 Corvette Stingray 2LT Coupe! All proceeds of this lottery go to 24 Canadian registered charities operating in Ontario."

Rotarian Steve

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